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The Psychodynamics of Kink Workshop

November 29th, 2023



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About the workshop: In the Psychodynamics of Kink, we’ll explore how elements of the ego, attachment, and subconscious underly our kinky interests and experiences in order to gain a deeper understanding of our needs and drives and how we relate to these through kinky sexuality. This framework will be used to guide a discussion on how kinky interests develop within us, how we understand their meaning to us, how we engage with them, and how we communicate them to our partners. Prompts to explore the underlying meaning of your own kinks will assist in conversation and self-reflection.

​The goals and/or objectives of this workshop are:

​1. Increase self-understanding and exploration of our internal and external sexual experiences for personal and relational discovery.
2. Increase internal awareness of our own sexual development.
3. Increase connection to one’s own sexuality.
4. Increase improved communication about sexual preferences and needs with partners for greater connection and exploration.

This workshop is expected to run between 60 – 90 minutes.

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