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Training Program

Wise Mind / Training Program

How Can Practical Methods Help You, Your Agency, or Your Community?

Professional Training & Consultation Services With Dr. Toni Crocilla

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Sex Therapist

Multi-Business Owner

Society of Consulting Psychology Member

Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Diversity Member

Journal of Positive Psychology Submission Reviewer


What can you expect from our training opportunities?

An innovative, accessible, dynamic, interactive, and informed training and consultation experience that puts theory into practical and actionable interventions with a relational, identity-positive, and social justice framework.

Stay tuned for the 2025 training calendar!


We provide a wealth of sexual knowledge centered on LGBTQQIP2SAA affirmation, harm reduction, pleasure, consent, and social justice. Additional topics or needs can be incorporated as needed. Our workshops can include a mix of didactic (informational videos, presentations, images, anatomy models, etc.), experiential demonstrations (protection methods, walk-the-line exercises, etc.), and discussion-based elements (small group exercises, large group exercises, debates, journaling exercises, etc) . 

Settings: Schools, senior centers, nursing homes, corrections, work settings, and more.

Topics May Include: Sexual diversity, sexual humility, anatomy, physiology, pleasure, intersectionality of other human identities, STI exposure and management, polyamory, kink, BDSM, problematic sexual behaviors, sexual- and gender-based microaggressions and biases, sexual assault, sexual harassment, disabilities, disorders, sex across the lifespan, and more.

Progressive series or topic-based series options are also available.

Service & Rates: 

1-hour education workshop ($500)

2-hour education workshop ($1000)

4-hour education workshop ($2000)

6-hour education workshop ($4000)

*Plus any travel and lodging expenses.

Workshops can be conducted virtually or in person.


Coming Soon!


Do you want to start a business, already own one, or need help with a review of the current training offerings your company utilizes to be more inclusive or up to date? This is exactly what we help with!

Services & Rates: $350/hr 

Any review of training materials comes with a free 1-hour feedback session with recommendations. Services can be done virtually or in person.

*Plus any travel and lodging expenses.


Reach out for a free 30-minute consultation about your individual, business, or community needs to see if we can identify a plan to bring your vision to life!

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