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Toni’s Privilege & Diversity Statement

Wise Mind / Toni’s Privilege & Diversity Statement

Toni’s Privilege & Diversity Statement

I strive to promote values of inclusivity, conscious capitalism, and anti-racism, advocating for these things in the communities I am a part of. Although I am ALWAYS learning and growing personally and professionally, I acknowledge that I am a White, cisgender female, doctor, and a business owner and that those identities come with various privileges that grant me access to resources, money, and safety that some of my colleagues of color and individuals I serve do not benefit from. I understand that simply acknowledging my privilege is not sufficient and ongoing work is needed to sustain awareness of implicit bias, racism, classism, and more. I engage in ongoing conversations about these issues with the people in my life and spend time to interview new clinicians based on these issues and their own identity politics to be sure their values and actions align with this agency. I go out of my way to support businesses owned by marginalized individuals.

I am pansexual in my sexual orientation and poly in my relationship orientation. I spend time promoting and educating on sexual inclusivity and sex-positive views and treatment for those who are overpathologized due to sexual orientation, sexual preferences, and gender. How sex and sexuality are viewed in different cultures, generations, societies, and subcultures are important considerations in my work.

I am a disrupter and advocate. I feel empowered and honored to try and change the oppressive systems I work within for the betterment of those impacted by it and our community at large. I proudly marched in the first Women’s March in DC and consider it one of the best experiences of my life.

I am aware that the mental health system, diagnostic system, and criminal justice system are inherently racist. I do my best to consider intersectionality and cultural factors in my conceptualization and treatment of clients, as well as supervise our team to do the same. Wise Mind partners with other local groups and nonprofits that promote these values and work collaboratively with them to secure funding for those without insurance who want services and cannot afford it.

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