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Student Therapist Training

Wise Mind / Student Therapist Training
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Read more below about the experience of being a student therapist with us at a practicum or internship level.


Site Locations:

All locations and virtually are potentially available depending on a variety of factors that change often. Reach out to see which ones are available during the training period you’re interested in. You can also work at a combination of hybrid or multiple sites.

Application Deadlines: Ongoing

Contact For Questions:

Number of Student Therapists Accepted Annually: 4-6 across all disciplines and training levels (social work, psychology, counseling)

Training or exposure in the following areas is preferred: Corrections, forensic psychology, substance abuse, trauma therapies, sex therapy, multicultural therapy, working with those who have sex offenses, assessment report writing, and/or group therapy. No licensure is required but is preferred. Strong boundaries are required.

Pre-Licensed Clinician Stipend

$100/m Part-Time or $200/m Full-Time

Licensed Clinician Stipend (Masters Level Practicum or Internship) 

$250/m Part-Time or $500/m Full-Time 

Licensed Clinician Stipend (Doctoral Level Practicum or Internship)

$500/m Part-Time or $1000 Full-Time



We meet you where you are and scaffold on your prior training to build new clinical foundations over time, including increasing your approaches, skills, and clinical voice. We believe these are neverending tasks as a human and therapist. We prioritize this during our onboarding process with numerous trainings on caseload management, assessment and documentation, cultural, gender, and trauma responsiveness, crisis management, and more. We offer frequent opportunities to attend trainings and engage in specific skill-building trainings and consultation throughout the year.


We pay attention to power dynamics, issues of equity and equality, advocacy, post-modernism (i.e., being skeptical of why ideologies are in place and seeing if they still fit in with modern practice and expectations; meaning is relative and symbolic), and postcolonialism (i.e., how people and systems were colonized and working to acknowledge or dismantle those systems and/or better understand the impact of those systems and experiences on individuals, groups, and communities).  


We take time to consider supervisee and supervisor identity components, how they may impact worldviews, how these can come into the therapist-client relationship, and help you to think from a lens of intersectionality when conceptualizing and treating clients. Things like oppression, power, cultural narratives, and implicit and explicit biases are a focus of supervision.


We spend time identifying and utilizing dynamic concepts like transference, countertransference, and object relations within supervision and client relationships, providing layering of understanding, defenses, and greater depths and meaning of intervention.


We work side by side to co-create the supervision experience. We strongly emphasize countertransference processing to better conceptualize and understand your personal and professional selves and the client’s functioning based on the feelings they elicit in you. The supervisor models transparency and vulnerability, processing issues that are uncomfortable, and encouraging you to embrace your own vulnerability in this work.


Craft your own training experience with highly trained and competent program team members to support your professional and personal growth!

Regardless of program training in, you will be exposed to numerous clinical and theoretical models, alternative healing practices, administrative and business management components, have the chance to provide umbrella or allied mental health supervision to others, provide internal trainings to staff, and the ability to design and implement new services of interest. Opportunities for shadowing in any program are always available, as well as adding training in another program during the training year.

Therapy Program

Working with individuals, relationships, groups, and families, we provide insurance and direct services of all kinds for a variety of concerns, like depression, anxiety, PTSD, LGBTQIA+, substance use, and more. We offer various modalities to achieve healing: virtual, in person, EMDR, DBT, CBT, and others.

Required weekly Team Consultations meeting Tuesdays at 10a virtually.

Sexual Regulation Program

Working with mandated clients with sex-related legal histories and individuals and families struggling with sexual behavior management, we address abuse prevention, re-entry into the community, family re-integration, and sexuality education from a sex-positive and strengths-based framework.

Required weekly Team Consultations meeting Tuesdays at 3p virtually.

This program requires a State LEIN clearance; therefore, the ability to offer a position can be delayed up to one week. The earlier a student can apply, the better chances of a smooth transition into the position. We generally make the decision to offer a position promptly. 

Assessment Program

Providing a variety of personality, trauma, risk, substance use, and neuropsychological assessments, we design test batteries, administer protocols, score, interpret, and write personalized recommendations to those being assessed.

Required weekly Team Consultations meeting Fridays at 10a virtually.

Spiritual Integration Program

Utilizing a spiritual lens in psychotherapy and integrating spiritual healing practices, we prioritize healing through body work, inner child work, shadow work, astrology, and more.

Required weekly Team Consultations meeting TBD virtually.

Expanded Consciousness Program

Using a variety of altered state experiences (breath work, yoga, plant medicine, synthetic medicines), we offer expanded perspectives, peak experiences, and other psychedelically- oriented healing therapies, as well preparation for and integration from these experiences.

Required weekly Team Consultations meeting TBD virtually.

*You may train in one program or a combination of programs

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