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Sexual Health Program

Wise Mind / Sexual Health Program

Sexual Health Program

Therapy. Prevention. Education.

The Sexual Health Program provides services for a individual, families, and the community to heal from and prevent sexual abuse, as well as provide educational workshops on various aspects of sex education. Currently, we offer services for those that are justice-involved due to sex-related criminal behavior and their families. This includes learning about behaviors, regulating them, and identifying the thoughts and feelings that led to negative behavior or harmful thinking.

Justice System Personnel: We offer Psychosexual Risk Assessments ($750), pre-trial therapy services, sex offense treatment, and therapy services for those working in the field.

Our staff are trained to provide various risk-related assessments, are knowledgeable on the most current research and best practices for strengths-based individual and group therapy for sex-related offenses, and work easily with justice system personnel for coordinator of care and supervision.

Community Members: If you or someone you know are struggling with sexual thoughts that are concerning to you, we can help! We often work with Minor Attracted Persons (MAPS) and other folx who are working on managing healthy sexuality via therapy and education.

Psychosexual Risk Assessment $750

An evaluation of emotional and behavioral sexual development and regulation abilities, including risk of sexual misbehavior, a comprehensive report, and personalized recommendations. Often required in court-related issues of criminal sexual behavior.

Risk of Sexual Abuse of Children (ROSAC) $650

An evaluation to determine if someone with sexual regulation issues causes any particular risk of harm to another  particular individual. This is often helpful in situations when individuals have criminal sexual behavior.

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