Mental Health Therapy & Assessments in Michigan

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What Can I Expect?

Generally, your first two appointments include a personal and comprehensive assessment of your history and current concerns in order to best determine what we are treating, your goals, and to be sure we are the best fit to do this work together. After these are established, a collaborative treatment plan is developed to determine the best way to meet the desired goals.

From that point forward, you and your therapist will continue working collaboratively on your chosen goals through a variety of methods that may include talk therapy, psychoanalysis, and cognitive and behavioral exercises.


Individual, group, couples, and families for many concerns

Treatment for criminal justice-involved personnel (parole officers, probation officers, police officers, judges, attorneys, ICAC) and first and last responders who are exposed to or experience violence, death, or trauma in the course of their professional duties

Sex & Gender-Related Concerns

Incarceration adjustment

Post-incarceration/Reintegration adjustment

Anxiety, Depression, & Trauma Treatment

Substance use and addictions

Family support for those with incarcerated or returning family members

Pre-trial status individuals who need help with support and emotional preparation for potential sentences

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