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Spiritual Integration Program Services

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Spiritual Integration Program Services



If you’ve ever wanted to include your spiritual beliefs into therapy, or have felt misunderstood in your process while discussing metaphysical aspects of your experience, our Spiritual Integration Program might be for you!

Wise Mind’s Spiritual Integration Program is for clients who have an active participation and relationship with spirituality and metaphysics in their daily lives. The program keeps in mind the various modalities and healing mechanisms that come up in a variety of spiritual ideologies, such as paganism, hoodoo, chakra work, and more. So, if you’ve considered Shadow Work, Astrology, Breath Work, Yoga, or other spiritual or holistic practices in your mental health journey, this program will likely speak to your process.

The goal of this program is to offer space for conversation and work to be done, with practitioners that understand and also utilize these practices for healing. We also offer workshops for other therapy practices to educate on the usage of spirituality and metaphysics in treatment, while reducing potential bias. 


Psycho-Spiritual Talk Therapy

Price Varies (Direct Pay or insurance-based)

Spiritually-informed talk therapy includes all the elements of traditional therapy with a focus on utilizing your spiritual or religious values and needs to guide the interventions.



Natal Chart Reading & Recommendations

$200 for two 1-hour sessions

A natal chart reading is the process of taking your birth chart information (birth place, exact time, and date) and utilizing it to take a snapshot of the planetary activity of that time. This process can offer insight into behavioral patterns, generational trauma, and a variety of other circumstances, and also give direction into how to navigate these situations moving forward. It is very important that you have your exact birth place and time to receive an accurate natal chart reading.


Therapy-Informed Tarot & Oracle Readings

$60 for one 60-minute session

Using divination in the form of Tarot or Oracle card decks, our readers offer intuitive insights into your experiences from a trauma-informed approach, exploring your current situation, concerns, and needs, providing therapy-informed recommendations. They will refer you to a licensed clinician at Wise Mind PLLC or elsewhere based on goodness of fit should deeper mental health concerns arise.



More Services Coming Soon!


What is Spiritual Integration? 

The process of self-actualization through navigating ‘self’ through a holistic, spiritually-inclined lens. It’s coming back to you – all of you.

What does Spiritual Integration Treatment Look Like?

Taking inventory of yourself and healing through various psychologically-informed modalities with therapists trained in spiritually- focused talk therapy and shadow work, inner child work, astrology, dream analysis, and more. This includes addressing all the good and the bad aspects of your psyche, and developing an intimate, understanding relationship with each of them.

Does religion have anything to do with this?

Not necessarily, but it can. For some, spirituality is specifically not religious and is not tied to any specific denomination. Others may adapt spiritual practices in tune with their experience of religion. Both examples can utilize integration services and are entirely individualized to your needs and preferences.

Is it hard, or uncomfortable? What are the risks?

Working on yourself can definitely be hard. There are aspects of yourself that you’ve avoided looking at on purpose, and others that you may never have noticed or considered. That can absolutely be uncomfortable. Having the support of a trained professional may offer guidance and additional perspectives in this process. Consider this though – those aspects can be addressed, and are likely coming up in your life in ways that cause distress (e.g., anxiety, people pleasing, depression, trauma). Healing from that can be relieving, and offer a firmer foundation for navigating life.

How much does this cost?

This depends on a few different factors. Some services, such as talk therapy, may be covered by insurance. You can find a list of insurances taken under the therapist you’re seeing. Some services, such as natal chart readings, or other holistic services will require an out of pocket fee due to insurance not paying for such services. If you’re unsure, please reach out and ask us. We’re happy to help.

Can I see a “traditional” therapist while also utilizing Spiritual Integration Services?

Absolutely! If you are using insurance, you cannot see two therapists in one day, but you can definitely receive services in our Therapy Program and our Spiritual Integration Program at the same time. Note that your therapists may communicate about your treatment to coordinate care.

What is a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’?

A significant period of life, often marked by feelings of confusion, depression, loss of identity, and searching for meaning. This can happen after significant life events (e.g., the birth of a child, loss, moving, loss of employment, being sober from substance misuse), or sometimes suddenly due to various circumstances in your life. Spiritual Integration can help you to reconnect with yourself and build the next steps forward.

What is Astrology?

The very old and formerly academic-based observation of the planets, the sun, moon, and asteroids and how they may affect human experience. Kind of think of it in the same frame as how the moon affects the tides, or the sun affects our seasons. A natal chart is an individual or event’s screenshot of what was happening in the sky at birth, and can offer insight into behavioral patterns, generational trauma, and a variety of other circumstances.

What is a ‘Saturn Return’?

Astrologically speaking, the planet Saturn makes its way around a natal chart every 27 to 30 years. When Saturn is in conjunction with your Natal Saturn, it is often a time of revisiting past behaviors, harmful tendencies, and the habits you’ve had in life that affected others. Your place in the ripple effect of life. For some, this time can feel mildly more stressful, if not somewhat rewarding, while for others, this can be a highly dysregulating time. This time frame brings up a lot of past experiences that require processing and working through; talking through these experiences with a trained professional can allow for additional perspective, and educated insight on your circumstances.

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