Mental Health Therapy & Assessments in Michigan

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Also known as “psych evals,” these are often needed to satisfy court-ordered requirements, these evaluation provide a brief overview of any significant mental health history, possible diagnostic considerations, and recommendations.

Includes a clinical interview of relevant substance use history, substance use screeners, a summary report, and recommendations.

A measure of executive skills (memory, attention, planning, impulse control, time management, and more) to understand your skills profile and determine if ADHD is present. Includes a comprehensive report to help you understand how your particular brain functions best, as well as personalized recommendations and strategies.

An evaluation of various executive abilities (attention, memory, spatial, etc.), mood, behavior personality, cognitive, and intellectual capacities to identify a holistic understanding of brain and behavior functioning. Includes a comprehensive report and personalized recommendations.

An assessment of current intellectual capacities, adaptive functioning, and/or achievement skills with a summary report and personalized recommendations.

An evaluation of emotional and behavioral sexual development and regulation abilities, including risk of sexual misbehavior, a comprehensive report, and personalized recommendations. Often required in court-related issues of criminal sexual behavior.

An evaluation to determine if someone with sexual regulation issues causes any particular risk of harm to another  particular individual. This is often helpful in situations when individuals have criminal sexual behavior.

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