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Conscious Conversations – A Welcome to Wise Mind

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Conscious Conversations – A Welcome to Wise Mind

A blog edited by Sierra Johnson MA TLLP, Wise Mind’s Master Wordsmith

What, and or who is Wise Mind?

When we really sit and break down the identity of an organization, a lot of different aspects of wholeness come to mind. Organizations can take on their own version of a functioning self. A living breathing essence that, just as we do, has the capability to create a ripple effect on everything that it touches. Every piece of every organization has a function that keeps it thriving, and each function has to be fed and nurtured to keep momentum going. The brain, the heartbeat, the body, and everything that allows them to move and flow in tandem. 

The Brain: Thought patterns, learned behaviors, and what fuels our interactions.

  • Trauma-responsive. An innate sensitivity to that which is traumatic, disorganizing, harmful, psychologically confusing, or damaging to the way we understand the self. Our self. Trauma can happen to and around us in a variety of ways. Chronically or episodically. Long-term or short-term. Blatant or subtle. 
  • Anti-Oppressive and Inclusive. A visceral reaction to that which promotes hate, injustice, racism, judgment, or the idea that any one person, group, or type of presentation has any jurisdiction over another. Equality and the understanding of equality is explored consistently. 
  • Ethical. Moral. An understanding of that which is right or wrong. Situationally and collectively. Making sure to keep track of and follow the natural flow of ethics in our growing and changing society. 

The Heartbeat: Vitality, motivation, and what keeps us moving forward.

  • Intersectionality and Individuality. The focus on how everything is connected. From the individual to the collective of individuals. From the authentic self to the way we navigate a room full of different cultures and experiences. Cultural-competency, as deeply understood as possible.
  • World Views and Societal Impact. An understanding of how the events around us shape us. How it can elicit emotional or psychological responses. An exploration on how to navigate a constantly changing world, even in a state of stagnation.

The Body: How we present to the world at large. 

  • Anti-racist. We hope this goes without explanation. If it doesn’t, let us know, we may have time to educate you. 
  • Sex-positive. An understanding of the sexual functioning, interest, and deviation that exists within our collective population. A further understanding of how sexuality, healthy or otherwise can affect or inhibit our authentic selves.
  • LGBTQIA+ Oriented or Allied. A mutual understanding and/or education in LGBTIAQ+ circumstances, traumas, and resources. 
  • Social Justice Involved. A mutual understanding and/or education in equality, social rights, and the effects on mental health.

Wise Mind is a collection of individuals with a drive for healing and understanding. We strive to function as cohesively and intentionally as possible through the use of supervision, continuing education, and the occasional reality check. We challenge our clients, as well as ourselves, to present in the wholest and healthiest ways possible. 

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