Mental Health Therapy & Assessments in Michigan

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Who Are We?

Wise Mind is a queer, neurodivergent, female-owned, and values-based mental health therapy, assessment, and wellness service organization and community of providers that has served our communities since 2016.

 We are known for providing empathic, integrated, individualized, inclusive, creative, dynamic, and empowering mental health services for individuals, relationships, families, and communities.

We are guided by core values that determine who we are as a team and how we present to our communities. We employ therapists and staff who bring these values to life, including therapists in training and early career therapists from all disciplines, as well as folx with different abilities and backgrounds.

What Do We Value?

Being more than trauma-INFORMED. We are trauma-RESPONSIVE. As an agency, we evaluate our policies, procedures, hiring practices, client care, and community involvement regularly to avoid undue burden and further harm that can occur in systems, like oppression and biases. Our team actively works to identify and discuss systemic barriers and responsivity issues in our organizational decisions and conceptualizations of care.

We are overtly anti-oppressive and anti-racist, meaning that we strive to dismantle policies, beliefs, and organizations that contribute to racism and oppression, and examine our own privileged and unprivileged statuses openly. As well, we will not tolerate hateful language or behavior in any way against any people. To demonstrate our commitment to anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices, we provide ongoing opportunities for personal and professional examination on various elements of multicultural humility, intersectionality, and implicit biases. Our team takes the time to consider how the intersectionality of multiple sociocultural identities and values of the individual can impact worldviews and experiences, along with how current societal systems and events play a role in mental and physical health symptoms and experiences.

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